Chairman - Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego

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The Chairman is the representative of the BSCEE Group and shall act as the host of the Members’ Conference.

The Chairman is automatically the highest executive officer or his deputy of the banking supervisory authority, which is chairing the BSCEE Group. The chairmanship of the BSCEE Group is to be held by all the member countries, on a rotational basis.

The Chairman’s duty is:

  • to represent BSCEE
  • to organize the Members’ Conference of BSCEE
  • to take part in the meeting organized by the Basel Committee for executive officers of regional banking supervisory units in cooperation with the Secretariat
  • to inform the members and observers on the updated issues and programs of BSCEE
  • to chair the Members’ Conference and, if needed, other events of BSCEE.
The current Chairman of the BSCEE Group is Mr Jasmin Mahmuzić, Director of the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.